I've been getting a lot of questions about where the hats, stickers, cards and fenders are.

I'm moving to San Diego!! For the last couple of years I've been feeling a shift in my art, the way I product and sell art, and what my day to day life looks like as a result. So- some changes have been and are being made. As of early September I'm no longer selling hats, stickers, cards or fenders. What remains of them (until they run out) can be found in various shops around the Leavenworth area:

Posy- prints, cards, hats

Sage Mountain Natural Foods- cards

A Book for all Seasons- hats, stickers, cards

Colchuck Consignment- hats, stickers

Plain Hardware- hats, cards

I may or may not do limited releases in the future of some of these items... or collaborations with other companies... but details are completely unknown. So TBD. Thanks for following and supporting my art, and for supporting me- making necessary changes for my own growth and creativity along the way!!